For developers


  • Looking to maximize development potential of your site and integrate specimen trees?
  • Had previous experience of arborists where too many road blocks were thrown up?
  • Looking for someone to work with you and your team on innovated solutions?
  • Are you carrying out due diligence on a property and want to know any development constraints trees may have?

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The Tree Consultancy Company has vast experience in integrating specimen trees into the urban environment.  Projects we have worked on include:

  • Small 2 Lot subdivisions to subdivisions of more than 400 Lots
  • Controlled and sensitive demolition of existing buildings around heritage trees
  • Tree assessments and constraints advice during due diligence
  • Minor unit and residential dwelling constructions
  • Multiple residential units, commercial and industrial construction sites
  • Navigate tree related resource consents and provide strategies, and
  • Supervise and monitor conditions of consent.

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