Greening New Zealand

The Tree Consultancy Company’s

Greening New Zealand Planting Scheme


What is it?

Community Organisations, User Groups, Schools, Kindergartens, not for profit organisations, youth groups, etc, can apply to The Tree Consultancy Company to receive free plants and trees.  The plants can be used for restoration, wetland improvement, commemorative plantings, or if you wish to establish plants for their edible qualities.


How do I apply

Simply fill out the downloadable form here, or contact us to tell us about your organisation and your goals.  We will then work with you towards achieving this.  As this is a privately-run scheme, resources will be limited per planting season.  Applications can be made throughout the year.


In February/March of each year, we will review all current applications and decide on funding allocation


What we will do

  • Work with you towards your planting goals (including education on species selection and planting techniques)
  • Supply the plant material, mulch and if needed, tree stakes
  • Provide your organisation with the expertise of The Tree Consultancy Company to help on the day and provide advice on tree planting and maintenance.