For Architects

  • Do you have innovated design ideas for buildings but not sure how to integrate a specimen tree?
  • Are you lodging a Resource Consent application for a client and need assistance tackling tree issues?
  • Do you want to work with other forward thinking people?

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The Tree Consultancy Company have been involved in almost any building design challenge you can think of.  It if do have that curveball, throw it this way for some innovated arboricultural advice.  We have experience in integrating specimen trees into the urban environment, and have worked with many award winning Architects. Projects include:

  • Sensitive dwelling design around cliff top trees
  • Minor unit and residential dwelling constructions
  • Multiple residential units, commercial and industrial construction sites
  • Renovating heritage properties around specimen trees
  • Navigate tree related Resource Consents and provide strategies, and
  • Supervise and monitor conditions of consent.